The Breast Biologues

The Breast Biologues: A biology dialogue about breast cancer and the environment is a 15-minute animated video premiered in November 2010. Narrated by Emmy Award-winning actor Peter Coyote, The Breast Biologues uses time-lapse imaging to explain how the normal breast develops and how exposures to potential cancer-causing chemicals during specific periods of development might influence future breast cancer risk. In addition, comic books based on the video are available in EnglishSpanish, and Vietnamese and can be used in conjunction with the video or on their own. The comic books discuss the biology of the breast and latest BCERP research.

What Does My Number Mean?: A Basic Research Primer on Mammographic Density

What Does My Number Mean?: A Basic Research Primer on Mammographic Density is a 15-minute animated visual science-based storyline, narrated by KGO/ABC7 Bay Area's veteran news anchor Cheryl Jennings. It uses time lapse imaging and animation to highlight methods of and theories from biology and physics about breast density and its relationship to cancer risk. It is meant to serve as an educational tool for health care providers and professionals as well as breast cancer advocates and organizations to explain one of the theories regarding the biology behind breast denisty and its relationship to breast cancer risk. 

Read more about the project, and access an the evaluation form.

Of Mice and Women

Of Mice and Women is an educational tool kit for breast cancer advocates and community members that will promote an understanding as to why mice models are used in breast cancer research.

Our work with BCERP highlighted a need to educate women and men throughout the Bay Area about the role basic science plays in cancer research. As leaders of the COTC, we worked with Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff, PhD, a member fo the BCERP basic science project at New York University, to develop the educational tool kit Of Mice and Women: Modeling Breast Cancer and the Environment. The kit includes a 35-minute DVD and an accompanying scientific glossary that explains in easy-to-understand terms how basic scientists pursue research questions and the advantages and disadvantages of using mice models to study breast cancer in humans.

Access the Glossary.

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In addition to the videos above, in partnership with UCSF and University of California Television (UCTV) we have co-produced several other educational videos on breast cancer, suspected environmental factors and prevention. Check them out at:


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