Survivorship & Recurrence Prevention

Breast Cancer Recurrence Prevention

One of the biggest fears facing a person who has "survived" breast cancer is the chance it could return or recurrence. In addition to therapies doctors suggest, we know that people who eat healthy, get exercise and have good support from friends and/or family generally live longer after cancer treatment. Still, even if you do everything just right, cancer might come back.

Based on the current evidence, we suggest:

  • Eating healthy
  • Physical activity (exercise at work, home, gym or wherever), start as slow and low impact as you need and build up
  • Stress management (yoga, meditation, prayer)
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure and/or use a healthy sunscreen (melanoma risk is much higher after breast cancer)
  • Get support, it can be from a cancer group or friends and family

 Be Healthy After Treatment, American Cancer Society. Offers advice about getting and staying healthy.

Breast Cancer Survivorship

Almost 3 million people living in the United States have received a breast cancer diagnosis and most no longer receive active treatment. Survivorship Care Planning is a process with paper documents or online materials to help people make the transition from active cancer treatment to the new normal. 

Through Pathways and other studies, we are learning how important family and friends (social support) and reducing stress (through yoga, prayer or meditation) are for well-being after breast cancer.

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