Janine Elliott, Stig Westling & Jonathan Mooney
Co-Founders, Skip to Renew

Zero Breast Cancer presented the Francine Levien Activist Award to Stig Westling, MBA, Jonathan Mooney, MBA and Janine Elliott, MBA, co-founders of Skip To Renew, a Bay Area company dedicated to producing high performance bio based, non-toxic, and biodegradable industrial lubrication products. Since its inception in 2009, Skip To Renew has gained nation-wide distribution for the Re:cyclist line of bicycle lubricants. Located at the Dominican University Venture Greenhouse, Skip To Renew's mission is to help people skip the toxins, skip the petroleum and skip the disposal costs.

Stig WestlingChief Technology Officer Stig Westling has a BS in Biochemistry from Cal State Fullerton and an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University of California where he currently teaches environmental chemistry. He is now the CEO at Blue Sky Biofuels, where he combines his passion for green chemistry and business to create products that are good for the environment and people while maintaining profits.

Janine ElliottChief Executive Officer Janine Elliott obtained her MBA from Dominican University of California where she was the chapter's Marketing Chair and won the Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco 2010 scholarship. She holds an Environmental Policy BA from Colby College, with nearly 15 years of community organizing, project management, outreach, facilitation and policy/advocacy experience.


Jonathan MooneyChief Financial Officer Jonathan Mooney holds an MB from Dominican University of California. His marketing and sales experience is in specializing in business-to-business deals, energy efficiency, and distribution networks. He has extensive small - to medium-sized business consulting, financial analysis, and economic modeling experience through his previous work with the US EPA's Environmental Finance Center.

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