Director of Clinical Services, UCSF Cancer Risk Program

Beth Crawford MS, CGC, a Larkspur resident and Director of Clinical Services at the University of California Cancer Risk Program in San Francisco, is the 2006 Shining Star. Ms. Crawford was selected for this award for her outstanding contributions as an advisor to MBCW's Adolescent Breast Cancer Prevention, Risk Reduction and Education Program. Additionally, she is a consultant to MBCW's Peer Education Breast Cancer Prevention Pilot Project at Drake High School in Marin County. Beth believes that the young people who are participating in this project can benefit from learning more about breast cancer and choices in their daily lives that can reduce breast cancer risk. As a parent, professional and community member, she sees the advantage of educating the next generation about an issue that touches so many families.

A human genetics specialist, MS. Crawford oversees the UCSF Cancer Center's risk assessment and counseling Services for families and individuals with hereditary cancers, including breast and ovarian cancer. She is a regularly featured speaker at the Marin Cancer Institute and other Bay Area forums that educate the community about breast cancer and genetic risk. Ms. Crawford works with medical specialists to support patients through early screening, genetic testing and the decisions faced by families affected with hereditary cancers. She is committed to helping those most at risk for breast cancer to be fully informed and to take preventative action. A teacher and author, Beth Crawford inspires colleagues and patients alike through her wisdom, guidance and personable sharing of her professional expertise.

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