Pleasanton, CA
Executive Vice President, Chief Strategist and Administrative Officer

From 2000 until the time of this award in 2009, Safeway's annual October Breast Cancer Research and Awareness campaign raised more than $40 million for breast cancer research and prevention programs.

Larree Renda oversees retail strategy, labor relations, public affairs, government relations, health initiatives, human resources, industrial engineering, reengineering, and communications for one of the largest food and drug retailers in North America and one of the largest employers in California. Ms. Renda serves as Chairwoman of the Board for the Safeway Foundation, which contributed more than $248 million in 2008 to important causes including hunger relief, education, cancer research and people with disabilities.

In 2008, thanks to the leadership and support of Ms. Renda, the Safeway Foundation raised more than $18.6 million for breast cancer research and prevention programs during its annual October fundraising campaign at its stores throughout the US and Canada. The Foundation donated the funds to more than a dozen cancer centers with reputations for conducting leading-edge breast cancer research.

Understanding that breast cancer is a major health threat to women, Ms. Renda has inspired Safeway and all its employees to work together to fund the research that will ultimately find a cure or ways to prevent the disease. The business experience and dedication that Ms. Renda brings to Safeway's fundraising campaign inspires Safeway employees and vendor partners to exceed their goals.

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