Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs
BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Mark WoodBioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. is a multinational biopharmaceutical company that specializes in providing first-to-market therapeutics for patients with rare genetic diseases and few treatment options. The Novato-based company opened for business in 1997, based on the idea of using enzyme technologies to develop therapies for metabolic storage disorders. Over the years BioMarin expanded its focus to other atypical diseases and in 2010, initiated research to include rare, genetically defined cancers. Currently, the company is engaged in a Phase 1 clinical trial on BMN-673, a PARP inhibitor which may benefit patients with BRCA positive breast cancer and triple negative breast cancer.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc has grown from 250 employees in 2004 to over 1000 employees today. Most are based in Marin County and are involved in local volunteer and educational activities. In accordance with the company's philosophy of “giving back" to the community and educating future scientists, BioMarin collaborated in 2008 with Dominican University of California to develop a joint master's program in biological sciences. Students earn their degree while both working at BioMarin and completing academic coursework.

Mark Wood, Senior Vice President accepted the award on behalf of BioMarin. He is an active participant in public-private partnerships for economic development in the Bay Area, including his role as Chair of the North Bay Leadership Council. Mark has lived in Marin County for 20 years and resides in San Rafael with his wife and three children.

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