Harbor Point Charitable Foundation

Bob KaliskiZero Breast Cancer is pleased to present the 2015 Hal Brown Shining Star award to Bob Kaliski and the Harbor Point Charitable Foundation. The Hal Brown Shining Star recognizes the leadership of individuals, businesses, non-profits and health care organizations who are working to improve our community’s health and who support the mission of Zero Breast Cancer.

In 2004, Bob Kaliski suggested to his siblings Ray Jr. and Barbara, his wife Linda Nelson, and nephew Patrick Kaliski that they establish the Harbor Point Charitable Foundation as a vehicle to give back to their community. Beginning with their patriarch Ray Kaliski Sr., the entire family had been very generous over the years by donating directly to many charities worldwide. However, Bob envisioned creating a foundation that could address specific local needs in Marin and the Bay Area. But rather than being called a “Kaliski Family” foundation, the newly conceived foundation would involve a broader community effort, encouraging other like-minded individuals and businesses to join Harbor Point in these endeavors by contributing their various talents, skills and financial support.

The mission of the Harbor Point Charitable Foundation is to fund and facilitate the most promising organizations aimed at improving the quality of life for Bay Area adults and children in need. Since 2005, the Foundation has raised over 1.3 million dollars for local schools and charities. The vast majority of this money has been donated to organizations such as To Celebrate Life, Sunflower Wellness and Zero Breast Cancer, providing operational assistance and supporting research related to breast cancer. The Foundation also provides funding for organizations that improve quality of life for Bay Area children through education, health care and social enrichment programs.

As of 2015, the Foundation is entering its next phase. Upon the recent passing of the family patriarch, Ray Kaliski, Sr., at the age of 100, the Foundation will be receiving generous additional funding which will allow its directors to expand their reach and enhance Bob’s and his family’s original vision to engage more of our community in charitable giving and to improve the lives of many more Bay Area residents for years to come.

The story of the Kaliski family and the Harbor Point Charitable Foundation is an inspiring model of philanthropy and commitment to the community, one which merits recognition and replication.

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