Founder, LOLA - Living Our Lives Actively

Health and fitness businesswoman Kim Juarez is passionate about getting Marin moving one step at a time. This includes her active promotion of Zero Breast Cancer's annual Dipsea Hike/Run, a community event that honors the memory of Kim's late running partner, Andrea ("Annie") Fox, an early board member of the organization.

A triathlete, personal trainer, professional nutritionist and mother of four, Kim Juarez reaches out to women, children, families and communities with her enterprise LOLA - Living Our Lives Actively. LOLA's trainers and coaches motivate their clients to make manageable daily life changes to increase physical activity, support nutrition wellness goals, and improve health. Kim strategizes fun and motivating ways to "get people moving" and to experience firsthand the benefits of a growing fitness community. Having lost her friend Annie Fox to breast cancer, Kim is particularly committed to Zero Breast Cancer's mission to find the preventable causes of breast cancer through community participation in the research process. Kim volunteers her time and talents as a member of the ZBC Dipsea Hike/Run steering committee, fielding a team of LOLA participants, finding event resources, and helping with the launch of activities at Old Mill Park. She is truly an enthusiastic activist and a Zero Breast Cancer supporter who "walks her talk."

Kim feels lucky to work with "great women," whether they are training for an elite athletic event or recovering from breast cancer. Her professional experience in clinical nutrition and her engagement with community organizations like Zero Breast Cancer inspires Kim to help people change their lives by living actively, and to reduce the risk of breast cancer for the next generation.

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