Engaging Community to Build a Survivorship Campaign

Pathways CAB for webCAB Members: Ila Wold, Linda Felix-Monroe, Maria Sierra-Bell, Paula Coombs, Penny Dougherty & Sandi Domingue (Not pictured: Arlene Yee, Cassandra Falby, Martha Tuma & Stacey Tinianov)
Staff: Catherine Thomsen, Janise Roh, Julie Munneke & Virginia Pozo

Zero Breast Cancer (ZBC) has been collaborating on the Pathways Breast Cancer Survivorship study with the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Department of Research for several years. Since 2016, we have been facilitating the creation and meetings of the Pathways Study Community Advisory Board (CAB). The 11 CAB members—8 study participants, a former breast surgeon, a social worker and a community advocate—meet quarterly.

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Get to Know ZBC Partners: Dallas Drotz

Dallas and daughters for web

In the third of our Get to Know ZBC Partners interview series, we talked to Dallas Drotz of Drotz Design. Dallas is a versatile creative talent with excellent listening skills, a thirst for knowledge, a big heart and unending patience! Dallas was introduced to ZBC in 2015 when we needed to find a way to turn the science about early puberty into a health and wellness campaign. It all started with a series of mood boards and the rest is history. Today the body of work that Dallas has teamed with ZBC to create includes infographics in EnglishSpanish, and Chinese; a micro-site in English and Spanish, and a YouTube series in EnglishSpanish, and Chinese!

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Why We Focus on Girls’ Health Before and During Puberty

ZBC New Puberty Campaign Graphic for web

The number of girls starting puberty before age 8 is more than double what it was just a generation ago! And this is a problem: scientific research has shown that earlier development can lead to health issues, both in the short and long term.

Puberty is controlled by sex hormones, which are influenced by behaviors and some chemicals in our environment. Girls today have different lifestyles than previous generations. For example, they have fewer opportunities to be active and new distractions that can make it harder to get enough sleep. Kids are also exposed to more and different chemicals that affect hormones. Scientists think that these changes have led to puberty starting earlier than ever before.

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Get to Know ZBC Partners: Ian Walker

Ian Walker Hurricane Images Inc for webIn this month’s Get to Know ZBC Partners series, we interviewed Ian Walker, owner of Hurricane Images. Ian's health education expertise combined with his skills in editing videos and sound recording have been an invaluable asset to the Girls’ New Puberty campaign. He created the Youth Advisory Board videos for the Girls’ New Puberty microsite, which are also available on YouTube in English and Spanish. Then, he recorded the narration and edited the videos for our animated tips series in English, Spanish, and Chinese. We are always grateful for his support of ZBC’s mission and are excited to share his background and insights with you. 

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zbclink for web

You might have noticed that our web address,, is a bit long. When we add on the exact location of our materials, it's much longer! Some of our materials aren't even housed on our website but exist on YouTube and other platforms. In order to make our materials more easily accessible, we have begun using a branded shortlink: If you go directly to that address, it will state that it is a "Branded Short Domain" without mentioning it belongs to Zero Breast Cancer. However, if you go to a link we have created with it, you will be brought directly to our materials. Here are a few links we have created so far:

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Get to Know ZBC Partners: Helaine Alon

Helaine for web

For the first interview of our new series, Get to Know ZBC Partners, we spoke with Helaine Alon, ZBC’s Communications Coordinator. Helaine started working with ZBC in October 2017. In her time with us, she has helped to overhaul the website, revitalize our social media pages, and write numerous book reviews and blog articles. We wish her well as she is moving on to new opportunities and are very grateful for the important work she has accomplished during her time with ZBC. 

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App Recommendation: Detox Me

 Detox Me Image for web

Like many health conditions, the risk of breast cancer can be impacted by exposure to harmful chemicals. As scientists have learned more about these problems, new resources have been developed. Detox Me is a free smartphone app that provides “…a personalized guide to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals.” It has simple, research-based tips on how to avoid chemicals that affect our hormones and choose safer products. For those of us seeking to reduce harmful chemicals from our daily lives, it will track our progress and offer rewards!

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Spotlight on 2018 Girls' New Puberty Campaign Volunteers

Maritza and Ian recording for web
Sound specialist Ian Walker of Hurricane Images
and volunteer Maritza Cárdenas 
record the narration for our
Girls' New Puberty tips videos in Spanish.

Zero Breast Cancer succeeds in very large part due to a dedicated cadre of volunteers, some of whom offer specialized and/or skilled pro-bono services. This month we thank and recognize 6 people who supported ZBC work in 2018 by translating, narrating, and/or reviewing new elements of our Girls’ New Puberty campaign: Chely Córdova, Frances Chiu, Hannah Barlow, Larry Chu, Maritza Cárdenas, and Perry Borders. 

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App Recommendation: Cancer.Net Mobile mobile image for web

Our first app for review is geared to people starting or currently receiving cancer treatment. It would also be very helpful after treatment to track long-term symptoms and medical follow-up. Cancer.Net Mobile is available free for iPhone, iPad and Android. This app is available in Spanish, too! Just download on a Spanish-enabled device.

It offers tools to help understand cancer and monitor health. Developed by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), it includes the latest medical information from a reliable source. In Google Play it has a 4.3 star (out of 5) rating. The latest update (version 4.0, June 2018) has made this app much more user-friendly, and it appears that they addressed technical problems that were previously reported.

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