rollercoaster by woody weingarten

When it comes to breast cancer, men — especially prime caregivers — are often a forgotten part of the equation.

A winner of a ZBC Honor Thy Healer: Healing Partner award, Woody Weingarten, has written a new book, "Rollercoaster: How a man can survive his partner's breast cancer," to remedy that situation. 

It's a comprehensive memoir-chronicle and guide to up-to-the-minute scientific research, meds and where to get help.

The Bay Area author says "Rollercoaster," which your favorite bookstore can order in hardcover or paperback (and also is available in ebook format), will benefit male caregivers because "even if they mistakenly believe they require zero help and can fix anything, they need support." Simultaneously, he adds, "a woman reader can learn what a man goes through while she's locked in a life-threatening battle."

Weingarten certainly is an expert in his subject matter. He's been running Marin Man to Man, a drop-in breast cancer support group for guys, the last 20 years — since shortly after his wife, who’s doing very well indeed, was diagnosed.

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