Cristine Albert.

Cristine Albert is one of ZBC's champions and works tirelessly on our behalf for the Dipsea Hike and more. Working with Cristine has been such a pleasure because she is so very enthusiastic and reliable, plus witty to boot! Learn more about her below.

What attracted me to ZBC?

Working with a national breast cancer nonprofit, it felt like an important shift to bring my efforts and passion to a local level. I was introduced to the first Executive Director, Janice Barlow, and became involved primarily in educating our community about ZBC as an amazing resource. As the organization branched out beyond the incredible research being performed, I reached out to meet the previous Executive Director, Rose Barlow, and was excited about the preventive strategies and forward thinking reach that now defines ZBC. I began learning more and found that my greatest impact would be in donor solicitation for the well-established Dipsea Hike. This has been my primary focus for the past 4 years and I am now fortunate to be working with ZBC under the new Executive Director, Genevieve Gandal. ZBC continues to impact the lives of multiple generations in our community and in other underserved communities as well. And I foresee that ZBC will continue to be forward thinking, considering further ways to impact people across generations who can take proactive steps to reduce breast cancer risks.

What did I learn?

I’ve learned something different and foundational from each ED in each phase of growth that this nonprofit continues to execute. I’ve also learned that having local impact matters significantly in my work and in my life. During this uncharted time of COVID-19, there’s so much to learn about how this alters the nonprofit landscape….this learning has only begun. ZBC has always demonstrated resilience, and I am confident these times will prove no different.

What projects do I enjoy the most?

I enjoy every project that can use my help! Whether it’s assisting with mailings, posters, etc., the staff is awesome! They bring so much focused energy and fun. What I especially enjoy is donor solicitation and meeting with our community leaders, business owners and policy influencers to inform them of the great work ZBC does! All of these initiatives compel our network of partners to contribute to our success!

What has been most rewarding and challenging?

It’s been rewarding to have an impact on ZBC’s capacity to thrive. It’s never been more challenging than the days ahead where we are imagining a fully virtual campaign compared to one that brings out local crowds, families and those new to ZBC.

What are my passions separate from my volunteering with ZBC?

Family, traveling abroad, history of art, teaching art, swimming and a great read are all passions of mine. 


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