Anne Marie Hartwig

When we talk about “partners” here at Zero Breast Cancer, there are so many who lend their support and service in different ways. We simply could not function without them! Now, in the 31 days since I started here, the partner I have looked to for support, insight and sincere partnership has been Anne-Marie Hartwig. Anne comes to the office a few days a week to support our bookkeeping and operations efforts, as well as be the point person for all things related to the Dipsea Hike. Her dedication to ZBC has been unwavering. And I am so grateful to see her serene and knowing expression whenever I have a question or need for context. Anne is a beloved partner to our staff as well as the entire community, but I imagine not everyone knows about the interesting and adventurous path she took to get here! 

Q: What is your professional background?

A: I’ve been part of the financial world for many years and have worked as a portfolio assistant to investment managers in various financial advisory firms. This included being accountable for the accuracy of the high net-worth client accounts and reconciliations. I was also the liaison between the clients, custodial houses’ administrative staff, brokers and investment managers and maintained a reliable, trustworthy, confidential, clear and professional manner. I recall a client who had multiple accounts with multiple investment managers who put off consolidating to our single investment manager due to their concern about the process and potential for stress. I worked with the client, all the brokerages and firms bringing them “under one roof” in such a swift and accurate manner that pleased the client so much that they personally delivered a gift. I find exceeding expectations very satisfying.

Q: What do you consider to be your top 3 professional skills?

A: My integrity, organizational/streamlining skills and personable nature. It’s important when working in personal matters, be it health or financial, that trust and integrity are paramount. It’s helpful to add simplicity through logical streamlining of organizational structures so that anyone coming on to the scene can following a consistent stream of order and locate what they are looking for. I like to consider the end-user when setting up things. My personable nature combined with my integrity brings trust and comfort to conversations. When possible, I also like to add a smidge of humor and connect further.

Q: What attracted you to working with ZBC when you first heard about the organization?

A: Being a part of an organization whose mission is to improve one’s quality of life through lifestyle choices by disseminating proven, scientifically-translated information puts our community members in a position of empowerment. Self-empowerment and health advocacy have always been important to me. I’m proud to align with a personable organization with integrity that provides a consistent voice and beacon for taking charge of your life and responsibility for your choices.

Q: What did you learn about breast cancer while working with ZBC that you did not already know?

A: What stands out most in my mind is the fact that early onset of puberty increases your risk of breast cancer, and that we have proven, actionable steps to reduce the risk.

Q: Which of the projects did you enjoy the most?

A: Working on streamlining the Dipsea Hike event with Rose Barlow (Outgoing Executive Director) has been fun and rewarding. I enjoy connecting with the supporters and tech people that help make this event a fun day for all who participate. Hearing how much people look forward to the event year after year and their loyalty to ZBC is very satisfying.

Q: What has been rewarding and challenging about working with ZBC?

A: It’s rewarding to be a part of a tight team of compassionate and capable women who successfully promote health and well-being. Getting outside my comfort zone and making requests for financial support is a position I find challenging.

Q: What do you see as your biggest contribution to ZBC?

A: By streamlining and documenting the procedures and establishing processes for the Dipsea Hike with time tables and reporting functions, I’ve helped to get it as close as we can to what Rose affectionately calls a “rinse and repeat” event.

Q: What passion or hobby do you do that is separate from your work?

A: I’m a lover of nature, travel and cultures so my free time is often spent outdoors, traveling or planning to travel! I’ve found a way to combine my passion for cultures and travel by operating a small import business carrying artisan handmade, culturally inspired products of form and function. It’s called OneLove Global Imports. My most popular item is my weekender travel duffle bag. No surprise! I also enjoy hiking and baking and make dynamite fruit pies.

Interview conducted by Genevieve Gandal, ZBC Executive Director

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