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There are many different ways to reduce the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer, one of which is living a healthy lifestyle. One factor of a healthy lifestyle includes having daily exercise. Anyone can reduce their risk at any age, but it is especially encouraged to have an early start to prevent breast cancer.

With the world advancing everyday, many teens my age find it hard to get up and moving everyday since we do love to lay around on our phones and watch Netflix. I am very guilty of doing that. Personally, I find that after exercising, yes I am tired but I feel really good and much happier than sitting around and doing nothing. To me, exercise is a process and it is something that can not be approached as a whole. I like to take baby steps.

Exercise should be a daily routine just like showering or eating. Before I started exercising daily, I was already on a volleyball team which got me going, but my practices were not everyday. I find that finding a sport that you really like can motivate you to work towards something you love and push yourself to get better. Not only that, but you get to meet other people just like you playing a sport they love and exercising at the same time, so it’s a win win!

Exercise should be taken one step at a time. I think that everyone should set a small goal everyday and then a big goal to reach over time. For example, a person can run half a mile the first day and then a full mile the second day and so on. By the end of the week a person can set a higher goal to accomplish. Taking exercise one step at a time and making goals can help keep a person’s attitude positive, rather than pushing themselves too hard on the very first day which can otherwise be discouraging.

Once a person finds a way they like to exercise such as running, biking, or swimming they have that motivation to look forward to working out every day. Exercising does not always have to be alone, you can have work out buddy with you!

Being a teen in high school consumes a lot of your time, and sometimes we give up exercising to do our homework. One way to put exercise into our routine is walking to school or home if we live close enough. Although it may be only five minutes of our day, it is still getting our heart pumping and our bodies moving!

Exercise is an essential part of our daily lives not only to help prevent the risk of breast cancer, but also to have a positive attitude and mind.

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