christine albert two

Cristine was introduced to ZBC in 2016 by Molly Schmidt, Community Engagement Coordinator, at the Center for Volunteer and Non Profit Leadership (CVNL). Cristine has an impressive track record in non-profit volunteering. She has served on boards, raised funds, engaged communities and led outreach efforts. She is no stranger to business either and brings her strategic consulting skills to for profit and non-profit clients alike. Cristine is currently enjoying a new career experience working with grade schools students in their classrooms while still keeping up her volunteer activities.

Cristine came to us with a reputation as a fearless and highly organized 'can-do' volunteer with a talent for asking and getting! Boy is that reputation deserved. Thank you Cristine for all you have done to secure raffle prizes and guest gifts for our upcoming Community Reception and Fundraiser taking place on April 20th, 2017.

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