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Campaign Feedback

Thank you for your interest in giving feedback on our educational materials! We would like to learn what you think about a series of six "posters." While we are calling them posters, please keep in mind that these images might be used as digital graphics for social media or smaller flier hand-outs rather than large hard copy posters. Please follow the links below to provide your input. 


Poster 1

Please provide your feedback at zbclink.org/gen1!


Poster 2

Provide your feedback at zbclink.org/gen2!


Poster 3

Provide your feedback at zbclink.org/gen3!


Poster 4

Provide your feedback at zbclink.org/gen4!


Poster 5

Provide your feedback at zbclink.org/gen5!


Poster 6

Provide your feedback at zbclink.org/gen6!


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