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Explore evidence-based information about breast development, healthy puberty, and lifelong breast cancer risk reduction! This area is for girls up to 13, parents and caregivers.

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Explore evidence-based information about breast cancer risk reduction for teens and ZBC materials for this age group! This area is for teens, younger adults, and organizations who serve them.

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Explore evidence-based information about health and wellness for survivors, recurrence prevention, and ZBC’s survivorship projects! This area is for anyone who has ever received a breast cancer diagnosis and those who care for them.


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Explore evidence-based information, resources and ZBC initiatives on breast cancer prevention for all! This area is for people concerned about breast cancer themselves, in their families or in their communities.

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GIS for Community Impact: From Technology to Translation

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - The California Endowment, Oakland, CA

Thank you for joining us for an informative and interactive workshop on using geographic data for research and interventions on breast and other cancer risk factors. Geographic data has the potential to make a significant contribution to the identification and quantification of environmental and social factors that impact our health.


  • Case studies of how researchers have used GIS to explore breast cancer risk factors
  • Community organizations demonstrating how geographic data are translated and applied


Pre-Workshop Short-course: Space Time Analysis for Health and the Environment

Monday, April 13, 2015 - The California Endowment, Oakland, CA

This 1-day class provided instruction on the space-time analysis of data relating health events to potential sources of environmental exposures. Examples of data included the time and place of residence of individuals with a given diagnosis, space-time paths of cases and controls over the life course, and cancer rates in local areas through time. We focused on chronic diseases, such as cancer.

These events are supported by the California Breast Cancer Research Program award 21MB-0001 with space donated by The California Endowment


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