Marin Community Clinic, former Research Director of Marin Breast Cancer Watch
Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of California at San Francisco

As the first Research Director for Marin Breast Cancer Watch, Georgie Farren worked tirelessly to help create and build the research department for the organization.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Georgie believed that the best way to prevent her daughters and other women from getting the disease was to explore and understand the causes.

She joined with a group of other concerned women at Marin Breast Cancer Watch and set out to create research studies that involved members of the Marin community.

As Co-Principle Investigator on several breast cancer studies in Marin County, including the Adolescent Risk Factors Study, Georgie proved that community members can play a valuable role in developing and influencing research ideas.

Her determination and countless hours of involvement helped set a standard for community involvement in the research process. Today, we are farther down the path of discovery in Marin thanks to Georgie's commitment and resolve.

When many people didn't have the time or interest to talk to a group of women from Marin who wanted to conduct breast cancer research, Margaret Wrensch made the time.

As a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics and a respected breast cancer researcher, Margaret Wrensch was the catalyst for helping develop the research program at Marin Breast Cancer Watch.

After an initial meeting with an eager group from the organization, she listened to their ideas and concerns and, like a good professor, assigned them reading to help them better understand the current state of breast cancer research. They soon returned with the readings complete and a wonderful partnership ensued.

Margaret worked with the group to outline and pursue a research project that would help residents in Marin County better understand what was causing their high rates of breast cancer. The result was the Adolescent Risk Factors Study, which looked at adolescent risk factors in the development of breast cancer.

Thanks to Margaret's willingness to listen to and work with Marin Breast Cancer Watch, and her expert guidance and understanding of epidemiology, important research is being conducted in Marin County.

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