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  • Researchers at the Northern California Cancer Center report that the SF Bay Area has the highest breast cancer rate in the world and that Marin has the highest breast cancer rate in the Bay Area
  • Marin Breast Cancer Watch (MBCW) founded by Francine Levien and Wendy Tanowitz



  • Marin Breast Cancer Watch incorporated



  • In collaboration with UCSF, MBCW launches the Adolescent Risk Factors Study (ARFS) funded by the California Breast Cancer Research Program



  • First newsletter, Keeping Abreast, published



  • First annual Honor Thy Healer Program held to recognize individuals and organizations with a special connection to breast cancer treatment, healing support, prevention efforts, research and environmental and community activism.



  • The Personal Environmental Risk Factors Study, Traditional Risk Factors Study, and the Marin environmental Data Study are launched
  • In April, ZBC was invited to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) for a brainstorming session on breast cancer and the environment, chaired by Kenneth Olden, OhD, who was then NIEHS's director.
  • First annual Dipsea Hike/Run



  • First publication: ARFS findings published in the peer-reviewed journal Breast Cancer Research
  • Bay Area Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center established
  • San Francisco Foundation grant for Diverse Communities Outreach Project awarded to ZBC.



  • In collaboration with the Northern California Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, ZBC launches "The Pathways Study: A Prospective Study of Breast Cancer Survivorship"
  • ZBC initiates the Adolescent Breast Cancer Prevention, Risk Reduction, and Educational Program.



  • Marin Breast Cancer Watch sponsors community forum: "Stress and Breast Cancer"



  • Marin Breast Cancer Watch adopts new name, Zero Breast Cancer, and logo
  • Adolescent Peer Education Tool Kit developed
  • In partnership with BioMedware, ZBC receives NCI funding as the community partner for the study "Cancer Clustering for Residential Histories."



  • ZBC sponsors community forum: "Positive Effects of Physical Activity on Breast Cancer Risk."
  • ZBC serves as community partner on the study "Toward a New Paradigm of Breast Cancer Causation and Prevention."



  • First Racing for Research fundraiser at Infineon Raceway to benefit ZBC
  • Latina Adolescent Outreach Program launched



  • In partnership with the UCSF-San Francisco General Hospital Avon Program, ZBC sponsors the "Breast Cancer Prevention Forum for Younger Women."
  • In partnership with Hadassah, Buck Institute for Age Research, Marin County Department of Health and Human Services, and Marin Genreal Hospital, ZBC sponsors the community forum "Focus on Breast Cancer in Marin."
  • Invited to be the community partner for a Stand Up to Cancer "Dream Team" studying targeted cancer therapies.
  • Town Hall Meeting with NIEHS Director Dr. Linda Birnbaum: "Breast Cancer and the Environment: From Research to Action."
  • As the Chair of the Bay Area Community Outreach and Translation Core of the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Centers, ZBC hosts the 2009 Annual Meeting for The Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Centers at Cavallo Point.



  • Tenth anniversary of Honor Thy Healer program.
  • ZBC sponsors community forum: "Breast Cancer Research and Latinas."
  • Launch of ZBC fall campaign to educate the public on benefits of physical activity in reducing breast cancer risk.
  • ZBC serves as Community Partner on two NIEHS research studies, "Breast Biology and Susceptibility through the Life Cycle" and the "Cohort Study of Young Girls' Nutrition, Environment, and Transitions (CYGNET) Study: Environmental and Genetic Determinants of Maturation in Girls."
  • ZBC awarded National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Opportunity Grant Award to create and lead a Youth Advisory Board for the CYGNET Study.



  • ZBC contributes to the Breast Cancer Mapping Report
  • As chair of the Bay Area Community Outreach and Translation Core of The Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program, ZBC sponsors the 2012 Annual Meeting for the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program in San Francisco.
  • ZBC organizes the "Distilling Your Message" workshop in partnership with the Center for Communicating Science at Stonybrook University as a plenary session for the 2012 Annual meeting of the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program. The session trained researchers and advocates on how to effectively communicate science with the public, public officials, and the media.



  • ZBC contributes to the Interagency Breast Cancer and the Environmental Research Coordinating Committee (IBCERCC) report: "Breast Cancer and the Environment: Prioritizing Prevention"